How To Get Mortgage Leads For $10 or Less…Crafting A Killer Offer

Many brokers think that they’re offering to the marketplace is mortgage broking services – helping their clients get a mortgage aligned with their circumstances and goals…

However, as a mortgage broker, you can offer a multitude of offers to get new clients into your business.

As a mortgage broker, your value doesn’t lie in getting your clients a mortgage. 

It is in giving your clients peace of mind when getting a mortgage knowing they are in the hands of an expert in their field. Having all the leg-work done for them, for free.

So the reality is, one of your key value propositions as a mortgage broker is your expertise. And you can deliver this expertise to the marketplace in a range of different ways to get new clients into your business – through consultations, free reports, webinars, cheat sheets, etc…

The brokers who are aware of this typically offer consultations as a way to demonstrate their expertise to the market. 

The problem with this approach is that you’re only appealing to the top 5% of the market who are actively thinking about and looking for the help of a mortgage broker.

The other 95% of the market can become perfectly good clients, however for whatever reason – maybe they don’t want to get on the phone with a salesperson, don’t have time, etc – they are not going to take you up on a consultation offer.

Not to mention the fact that all your competitors are offering consultations and the market is bloody with competition which is reflected in the price you need to pay for a consultation.

A much better approach is to lead with a low-intent offer that provides value and answers the burning questions your market has.

This approach can take many forms – a free report, webinar, cheat sheet, etc.

We’ve found that the best form is a free report – a simple 5-10 page pdf covering the FAQ’s of your marketplace.

This will build trust with your ideal client, position yourself as an expert and provide real value to your client.

And the best part is…

This offer is still going to appeal to the top 5% who are actively looking for solutions, but you’re also tapping into a large percentage of the 95% who aren’t looking for solutions but still may be interested.

Then, once you’ve offered your prospects a free report and shown them what you can do for them, you then offer them a consultation.

So you’re going to end up with the same number of consultations at the same or cheaper prices…

Whilst building a database of contacts who might not move forward right now, however, may move forward down the track.

So, to conclude, when making to an offer to get new clients into your business offer them a free report rather than a consultation to get dramatically more leads for the same spend and build your database for the long-term.


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